Chiefly Speaking


This year is truly going to be an amazing year. I am very excited to work with our lodge adviser, Blair Hope, and with the new set of officers. We are only a few weeks from our lodge banquet, but before the banquet we have a few inductions and Lodge Executive Committee Meetings.

Once again I am very excited to to be Lodge Chief and I am going to need all of your help to make this year a success and have a fun time doing so.

Yours In Brotherhood

Max Wolfe

2018-19 Lodge Chief


I am extremely honored and humbled to serve as the Elkuta Lodge Adviser in the Order of the Arrow.

There is no greater honor to me than being part of this Honor Society in the Boy Scouts of America, the Order of the Arrow. There is no better program, a boy-led program, to give leadership and character building opportunities for our young men.

In the spirit of clear expectation and communication for myself and others, I would like to share few things with you: Please read the Mission, Purpose, and Vision for the Order of the Arrow.

My vision:
To enable and empower young men to have confidence in leadership opportunities, build character, to be better qualified young men, missionaries, military men, husbands, and fathers who actively engage themselves in their communities and contribute to society;
To have a group of trained adult leaders who have caught the vision of the BSA/OA program and take it to the young men with enthusiasm and commitment to help them to become better young men;
To instill commitment, accountability, and responsibility;
To enable the excitement of the great outdoors and personal talent.

We will: Create fine young men who will be contributing citizens in their communities.  Missionaries and ambassadors of God.  Good husbands who will stand proud as they embrace their eternal covenants.  Strong fathers who are willing to be great examples to their children.  Advisers who WILL make a difference!!!!!!

Blair D. Hope
Lodge Adviser


Cherry Hill Waterpark June 6 @ 5:30pm-8:30pm See event details HERE


June Induction - June 12-13 @ 7pm Hinckley Scout Ranch - East Fork of the Bear Check-in is at 7-8pm. Registration is located here

June Brotherhood - June 14th @ Hinckley Scout Ranch - East Fork of the Bear

Summer Fellowship - June 12-15 @ 12pm Hinckley Scout Ranch - East Fork of the Bear. Check-in starts at 12pm. Registration is located here

July Induction NYLT Coup Trail attendees - July 13-14 @7pm Hinckley Scout Ranch - East Fork of the Bear. Registration is located here. (note this is a special induction for those attending NYLT Coup Trail)

Coup Trail NYLT - July 15-20 @ 9am Hinckley Scout Ranch - East Fork of the Bear. Registration is located here. More information about Coup Trail NYLT is located here

Aug/Sept Date TBD - @ 7pm Lodge Kickoff Camp Tracy @ Frontier Fort. FREE EVENT for all Paid Dues Members

If you are having trouble registering for any event, please call the Camp Desk at 801-582-3663 or email



NOAC 2018

Congratulations to Kyle Palmer and Steve Dupaix on receiving the Distinguished Service Award. Click this link for more about that award: Distinguished Service Award

Merit Medical Flag Video


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